VSTS Sessions at PDC

October 28, 2008

I’m currently at PDC in Los Angeles and on day 1 of the conference I followed already the session of Cameron Skinner A lap around VSTS2010 and the session of Brian Harry Cool New Features in TFS2010.

With Visual Studio Team System 2010 (built entirely in WPF by the way), Microsoft is more and more focusing on the needs of enterprise development teams. Imagine that VSTS wasn’t available anymore … Would it still be possible to manage the software development process of your applications? I’ve really seen some key features of VSTS 2010 (especially in the Architect Edition and Team Foundation Server) that will rock! Wishing those features were here already!

Other VSTS related sessions at PDC :

  • Software Diagnostics and Quality for Services in VSTS
  • Agile Development with VSTS
  • Overview of Visual Studio Team System Database Edition
  • Visual Studio Debugger Tips & Tricks
  • Leveraging Virtualization to Improve Code Quality with Team Lab in VSTS
  • Improving Code Quality with Code Analysis
  • Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability
  • Architecture without Big Design Up Front
  • TFS: How We Use It at Microsoft

The bad news is that I won’t be able to follow them all because some are scheduled at the same time … The good news is that all sessions will be recorded and made available to the public on the PDC website.