Update TFS proxy account (small bug)

A few weeks ago I ran into a small bug when updating the TFS proxy account (domain account) via the TFS Administrator Console on the TFS 2012 proxy server.



So, the UI does not provide a way to immediately switch to another domain account. The bug has been reported to the TFS product team and a fix will be provided in the (near) future.

Here’s a possible workaround (until it gets fixed in the product):

  • Unconfigure proxy in TFS Administration Console
    • Select Root node in TFS Administration Console
    • Click on the “Remove Feature” link on the right
    • Choose “Team Foundation Server Proxy” and click “Remove”
  • Reconfigure proxy
    • Select “Proxy Server” node and “Configure installed features”
    • Run “Configure TFS Proxy” wizard

One Response to Update TFS proxy account (small bug)

  1. Ramesh Chandra H S says:

    We too faced the same problem with TFS 2013 update 3. Looks like MS has not fixed this bug yet. But the error we got was different. The error was :
    “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
    We used “TFSConfig.exe setup /uninstall :All” to uninstall the old TFS proxy configuration and reconfigured it all over again with the new service account.

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