Deleted Team Projects still visible in Source Control Explorer

November 25, 2009

Today I bumped into a solution for deleting deleted Team Projects (yip, that’s right: deleting Team Projects that should have been already deleted). A while ago we noticed that Team Projects in TFS2008 SP1 that were deleted with TFSDeleteProject.exe were still visible in the Source Control Explorer and re-running TFSDeleteProject.exe for the same Team Projects resulted in an error message that the Team Project could not be found on the Team Foundation Server.

But due to this entry in the TFS forum I was finally able to remove the Team Projects from Source Control Explorer as well.


  • Create new Team Project with exactly the same name as the Team Project that wasn’t completely deleted and specify the option to not create the version control folder.
  • After the Team Project Creation wizard finishes, you need to run TFSDeleteProject.exe for the newly created Team Project.

No sign anymore of the deleted Team Projects in Version Control! Sounds logical?!