Branching in TFS2010: atomic operation without pending changes

Currently in TFS2008 when you create a new branch in your version control structure, all files are copied to your local worspace and marked as pending changes. This means that a branch in TFS2008 is not seen as an atomic operation. You were required to check-in the local changes before the branch got created on the server. If your branch would consist of a huge set of files, branching could become a time-consuming operation and the system would not prohibit you to do some modifications to the pending changes.

In TFS2010, a branch is now seen as an atomic operation: it doesn’t copy all files into your local workspace and the branch action is immediately checked-in – no option anymore to do some local modifications. The child branch will always be an exact copy of the selected parent branch folder. You will get a messagebox that will notify you of this action when you hit the branch button …

You will need to request a get latest on the newly created child branch to have a local copy of the sources.

Some simple changes can make a big difference!

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