Deleted Team Projects still visible in Source Control Explorer

November 25, 2009

Today I bumped into a solution for deleting deleted Team Projects (yip, that’s right: deleting Team Projects that should have been already deleted). A while ago we noticed that Team Projects in TFS2008 SP1 that were deleted with TFSDeleteProject.exe were still visible in the Source Control Explorer and re-running TFSDeleteProject.exe for the same Team Projects resulted in an error message that the Team Project could not be found on the Team Foundation Server.

But due to this entry in the TFS forum I was finally able to remove the Team Projects from Source Control Explorer as well.


  • Create new Team Project with exactly the same name as the Team Project that wasn’t completely deleted and specify the option to not create the version control folder.
  • After the Team Project Creation wizard finishes, you need to run TFSDeleteProject.exe for the newly created Team Project.

No sign anymore of the deleted Team Projects in Version Control! Sounds logical?!

ALM / TFS Books and Documentation

November 12, 2009

This week at TechEd in Berlin, Hans asked for some interesting ALM / TFS books. This is a quick random list of the latest books I know about:

Feel free to add some more books to the list!

Note that there is also a paperback version available of the TFS Guide: Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, written by Microsoft Patterns & Practices. The online version can be found at CodePlex: TFS Guide.

If you are looking for the online MSDN documentation, point your favorite browser to the Team Foundation Server Developer Center.

There will also come some new books on VS2010: Professional Visual Studio 2010 Team System: with Team Foundation Server 2010, but I think that the name of the book will still change. Martin Woodward also mentioned that he’s writing on a new Team Build book for VS2010 and I’m sure that there are others under construction. To be continued!

TFS2010: Visualization of merging partial changes in changeset

November 11, 2009

Yesterday (during the Source Code Management session of Brian Harry at TechEd 2009 in Berlin), I noticed for the first time that merging partial changes in a changeset is also clearly visible afterwards. I just found some time between sessions to test it out …

In the screenshot above you may notice that changeset 9 (dev branch) is merged to the main branch. But look at the yellow color of the bar after the merge and the tooltip that is shown when I hover over changeset 11. Changeset 9 consisted of 2 different files that were modified while the merge operation took only 1 modified file in changeset 11. Valuable information!

Branching in TFS2010: atomic operation without pending changes

November 10, 2009

Currently in TFS2008 when you create a new branch in your version control structure, all files are copied to your local worspace and marked as pending changes. This means that a branch in TFS2008 is not seen as an atomic operation. You were required to check-in the local changes before the branch got created on the server. If your branch would consist of a huge set of files, branching could become a time-consuming operation and the system would not prohibit you to do some modifications to the pending changes.

In TFS2010, a branch is now seen as an atomic operation: it doesn’t copy all files into your local workspace and the branch action is immediately checked-in – no option anymore to do some local modifications. The child branch will always be an exact copy of the selected parent branch folder. You will get a messagebox that will notify you of this action when you hit the branch button …

You will need to request a get latest on the newly created child branch to have a local copy of the sources.

Some simple changes can make a big difference!

Teched 2009 Berlin Report I

November 9, 2009

Sunday evening I flew in from Brussels and after my first acquaintance with the public transport in Berlin, I managed to join some other Belgian community people (Gill, Katrien, Hans, Kurt, Bart, Alexandre) for an excellent steak at the Midtown Grill. After dinner we decided to try out some local beers to be sure of a good night’s sleep.

The registration on Monday morning was a bit disappointing. The queues were way too long when I arrived and it took me an hour to get my badge! Still good on time for my first marked session with Brian Harry: A lap around the tester and developer experience with Visual Studio 2010. A lot of attention was of course paid to the new licensing model with Visual Studio 2010 and the more all the stuff sinks in, I’m convinced that it will be a step forward for everyone. At the end of the session we also got to see some ideas which topics will probably be on the planning for the next version Dev11. Requirements management within VS and further evolution of v1 of Test and Lab Manager were high on the list …

After lunch with some ex-colleagues, I witnessed Gill Cleeren winning the first Speaker Idol heat. His ticket for TechEd 2010 is already secured and he may still win his own TechEd 2010 session. Great job Gill!

During the development keynote with Jason Zander I didn’t pick up many new things about the upcoming release of VS2010, but he announced that Microsoft did acquire Teamprise to be able to provide cross-platform support for Team Foundation Server. The Teamprise technology will already become available in the Visual Studio 2010 wave. This should be good news for enterprises with heterogeneous development environments. Read more about the acquisition in the press release and in the blogpost of Brian Harry.

I also got great news from the Belgian Microsoft people (KatrienHans) in Berlin. VISUG and Microsoft Belgium will be organizing another BIG event on December 4 this year. Scott Guthrie will be back in Belgium and we will host a free afternoon session. More detals will soon follow on the VISUG website. We already brainstormed a bit about the possible format for this event! To be continued for sure!

After the Festival of Freedom in Berlin last night and after a short night of sleep, now ready for day 2 of TechEd! You can also follow me on Twitter for quick TechEd updates …

Feedback VS2010 Beta2?

November 6, 2009

So, you are playing around with VS2010/TFS2010 and you have some remarks, suggestions, bugs, … Please go the Microsoft Connect site for product feedback and bug reporting.

Today I filed a suggestion for the next release of Team Foundation Server: Build Definition History. Unfortunately it’s still not possible to view history of changes made to the Build Defintion: “Drop Location”, “Build Agent”, “Trigger”, … On the Microsoft Connect site, you can easily look up other wanted featured and vote for them … but first vote for my suggestion!

Since a few weeks, there’s also a feedback survey running on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4 Beta 2. If you care about the product and want your voice heard, please take some minutes to complete this online survey!