TechEd 2009 in Berlin

October 29, 2009

A few weeks ago I finally decided to sign up for TechEd 2009. This year, with the start of Sparkles I wasn’t planning to attend, but hey: some parties are not to be missed. After all, the VSTS sessions look very promising with top speakers and it’s a week I can spend to focus 100% on the VS2010 Beta 2 release I have installed on my laptop.

My scheduled VSTS agenda for TechEd 2009:

November 9

  • VSTS 2010: A Lap around the Developer and Tester Experience (Brian Harry)

November 10

  • VSTS 2010: A Lap around the New Project Management, Architecture, and Governance Capabilities (Brian Harry)
  • Source Code Management with TFS 2010 (Brian Harry)
  • An Agile Talk on Agility (Peter Provost)
  • Software Testing with VSTS 2010: Part 1, an Introduction (Brian Keller)

November 11

  • Software Testing with VSTS 2010: Part 2, Making It Real (Brian Keller)
  • Tools and Agile Teams (Stephen Forte)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Foundation Server: Become Productive in 30 Minutes (Brian Keller)
  • How Microsoft Does It: Internal Use of TFS and Microsoft VSTS for Software Development (Stephanie Cuthbertson)

November 12

  • Doing It Right: Planning and Tracking Projects with TFS 2010 (Stephanie Cuthbertson)
  • Successfully Administering and Running TFS 2008/2010 (Neno Loje)
  • Architecture Discovery and Validation with VSTS Architecture Tooling (Peter Provost)
  • You Are Still Using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe? (Neno Loje)

November 13

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team System “Unplugged” (Stephanie Cuthbertson)