Out-of-the-box source server indexing with TFS2010

October 27, 2009

Wow! This is great! Tonight I just wanted to find out if and how it would work …

This is what I did with Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and TFS 2010 Basic on my Win7 laptop:

  • created a new Team Project
  • added a new solution with a C# Library Project to the Team Project
  • added a default Team Build to build the C# Library Project
  • added a new solution with a C# WPF Project to the Team Project
  • referenced the library assembly (file reference to dll) into the C# WPF Project and called a method on a class in that assembly
  • set a breakpoint on that line and hit F5 to start/debug the WPF application
  • pressed F11 (Step Into) when breakpoint was hit

Guess what?! Yes, Visual Studio 2010 was immediately stepping into the source file of the C# Library Project! Sweet!

I remember that it took me some time to get this working for TFS2008!

When you create a new Build Definition with TFS2010, the Index Sources option is set to true by default and this will make sure that source indexing is part of the build.

I took a peek into the DefaultTemplate.xaml file in the BuildProcessTemplates folder and found out that the Index Sources and Publish activity is indeed completely baked in! I love it already!