Build Retention Policies in TFS2010

I noticed some interesting changes for the Build Retention Policies in TFS2010 (Beta 1):

  • possible differences between retention policy for triggered and manual builds vs private builds

    You will be able to set another retention policy on private builds: builds that are run by the enabled Gated Check-in trigger.

  • extra What to delete column

    You will be able to specify more in detail what information must be deleted when the retention policy kicks in.

3 Responses to Build Retention Policies in TFS2010

  1. Bart dk says:


    Any idea why they changed the default “What to delete” from All to All- Testresults and where we can change this default ?

    We do not want to trigger a program after build creation, but we do want to change the default. Because now our TFS database is growing very .. very fast !

  2. Bart,

    the decision to preserve the TestResults by default was taken due to the fact that “historic” Test Plans became “incomplete”. Test Management often requires to keep test results a bit longer than a few days …

    The default “retention policy” setting in new build defintions cannot be changed. You could change the existing build definitions via the TFS API ;-(

    Good luck!


  3. Bart,

    note that the latest TFS Power Tools release (August 2011) now also contains a “Test Attachment Cleaner”.


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