Generating ClickOnce packages with Team Build 2008

Last week I spent way too much time on troubleshooting an issue with generating a ClickOnce package with a Team Build. Generating the package was actually not the problem, but running the application always resulted in …

Reference in the manifest does not match the identity of the downloaded assembly x

It was clear that something was wrong with the manifest, but I could not find what was keeping the application from launching. I checked and double checked the build script and the way the package was built but could not find an indication of the above error. Publishing the application from within Visual Studio 2008 seemed to work without any hitches and it was then that I noticed the following setting in the Application Tab of the Start Project in Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2008 embeds by default a manifest inside an assembly. This means that the ClickOnce executable was using this default manifest instead of the manifest that was generated with Team Build. Switching to the other option to not generate a manifest with Visual Studio did solve the issue!

Hopefully I can save someone’s time with this blogpost!

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