No connection to TFS2010 beta 1

July 28, 2009

As explained in my previous post, I’m running Hyper-V on my laptop with a virtual image for Team Foundation Server 2010 beta 1. Each time I shut down my main operating system and restart it the next day to connect back to my TFS2010 image, I get the same error when starting Visual Studio 2010 : error TF205020.

Afterwards when I wanted to connect to TFS via Team Explorer I was faced with error TF31001 …

Other MVP Team System colleagues had similar errors and they also had a TFS2010 installation on a solid state hard disk (SSD). Resetting IIS (iisreset) did the magic and brought all TFS services back online like nothing happened. For now I have a quick workaround, but I’m curious what’s causing this and how it can be resolved. Hoping to bring you more news soon!