VSTS/TFS Customer Testimonial – Adam Software

June 22, 2009

About a year ago I performed a VSTS/TFS assignment for Adam Software, a global software vendor of marketing platform technologies that provide the ability to manage, structure and deliver media between people, processes and systems. This assignment was really fun to do and the customer was really pleased with the result. A few weeks ago, a Microsoft case study was published to put Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server in the spotlight.

In case you still wonder : setting up a robust and reliable enterprise software development environment with Team Foundation Server may be a big investment, but it always pays off. Not only financially! Your development team will also be working with the best tools and processes to do their job. In the long run you might even attract or repel developers just because of the type of development environment you provide as an organisation! For those who worked already in a TFS environment with Version Control, Work Item Tracking and Automated Builds … would you want to go back in time and work with Visual SourceSafe to deliver quality software enterprise applications?

Still looking for a challenging development job where you are able to use the best tools and processes : Adam Software is hiring!

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